Three Reasons to Visit the Greek Islands


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The charming islands of Greece are well known across the world for being one of the most stunning places to visit and have become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. So, if you are still trying to decide whether or not to visit Greece, here are three main reasons why you should this summer! We are sure you won’t need much convincing.

Breath-taking Islands

For a start, as mentioned, Greece is renowned for their unbeatable sea views and postcard perfect scenic views. Surrounded by white wash building, luscious greenery and constant sunshine you will feel like you are staying in a little piece of heaven during your summer vacation.

The waters are an array of glittering blues which reach temperatures of up to 22 degrees in the early summer months. Perfect temperatures for swimming in on a lovely summers day. If you are looking for a resort that offers you the option to lounge by the pool or laze by the water’s edge at the seaside, book today with one of Mark Warner’s fabulous resorts.

Enjoy unbelievable sea views and pure relaxation as the Mark Warner staff go above and beyond to ensure that you have a truly unforgettable stay with them. Kos is a particularly lovely destination in Greece which is cheap and cheerful, perfect for those travelling in larger families. The beaches offer silky sands and sparkling waters for all to enjoy on a beautiful sunny day.

If you are looking for things to do, why not explore the unforgettable ancient ruins and learn all about the culture and history of the island you are staying on. This is a great way to brush up on your history and to keep kids entertained during a summer holiday in 2018.

Tasty Cuisine

Greece is overflowing with an abundance of tasty dishes and cultural traditions. The food on offer both at local restaurants and at your resort is out of this world cuisine that must not be missed. Greek dishes typically used a selection of fresh vegetables, oils, grains, fish, wine and meat. The Greeks are known as the masters of charcoal-grilled and spit roasted meats, it’s a true paradise for any food enthusiast. Be sure to indulge in some of that delicious Baklava, the traditional Greek pastry made with flaky phyllo dough, layered with cinnamon-spiced nut filling and smothered in a sweet syrup.

Don’t be alarmed if you are sitting at the dinner table and the people around you begin to smash up their plates. Plate smashing is a Greek custom where people smash glasses or plates to celebrate special occasions like weddings.

Exciting Activities

For those of you who would rather get out and explore all that the island has to offer, you are in the right place as Greece has a whole list of things to do. For instance, the Greek islands have an abundance of fantastic on and off shore activities for all to enjoy from walking and tasting tours to day trips, cooking classes and open water diving excursions.

Boat tours are a wonderful way of exploring those hard to get to places of the Greek islands. Whether you simply want to explore the nearby coastline or are eager to discover the total beauty of the island far beyond the shores, there is a boat trip suited to everyone’s tastes. Often you will have the opportunity to stop at the local beaches to jump in for a quick paddle. Afterwards, wrap up and unwind with a light lunch on deck as you dry off in the afternoon sun.